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Torpedo Newz - April 2014
almost 2 years of silence...almost 3 years since they last performed live...almost 4 years after  ...  >
Torpedo Newz - June 2012
Just like many of you funky peeps the Torpedo Boyz are currently taking a long deserved summer  ...  >
Torpedo Newz - Dec 2011
just a few days before Christmas the Torpedo Boyz are packing their gear again for one last trip  ...  >
Torpedo Newz - Sep 2011
Torpedo Boyz performing in New York!We are absolutely thrilled to be among the selected bands  ...  >
Torpedo Newz - March 2011
We have some really funky news for you this time especially if you live in the US of A! The  ...  >
Torpedo Newz - January 2011
Dear music lovers and friends of the Torpedo Boyz,we wish you all a happy new year and all the best  ...  >